Friday, January 20, 2012

"Deutsche Farmer, kommt nach Louisiana"

It's three degrees Fahrenheit today in Madison, and the snow is falling, which makes this advertisement from 1907 in "BΓΌrger und Bauer," a magazine for German-American farmers, very appealing:

“German farmers, come to Louisiana! Are you inclined to leave the cold, freezing North? If so, and if you want to find a good homeland in the sunny South, then write us. Write in German. We will answer in German. This is a German settlement area. We would like to send you an illustrated brochure in German for free. We already provided a new homeland for many German farmers from the North. Here you will find an amazing opportunity to purchase excellent farmland for a low price, make a lot of money, and to enjoy the best climate in the world…. You do not need to stay in a place where you spend half of your life shoveling snow.”