Friday, March 9, 2012

Susan Kriegbaum-Hanks of Buffalo, New York, has combined her passion for the history of her city and region with her interest in German language and literature to post original German materials along with her translations online at <>.

Included on this page is a translation of the history of Buffalo from a German perspective; the History of the Germans in Buffalo and Erie County; the autobiography of Charles Boller, Sunday School Superintendent of the First Church of the Evangelical Community; many materials on German Lutherans in North America and in Buffalo; articles from Buffalo newspapers and journals; and some photographs and images.

Also included are selections from Das Buch der Deutschen in Amerika (The Book of Germans in America), published in 1909 by Walter's Buchdruckerei in Philadelphia under the auspices of the National German-American Alliance (founded 1900). This massive tome provides a history of German immigrants from the 16th through the 19th centuries, with special emphasis on German contributions to the growth of this nation and to American culture. Kriegbaum-Hanks provides images and translations for the biographies of German-American poets (pp. 368 – 419), a brief history of Buffalo's German-language press, and the creation of National German-American Alliance, known as "The Bund," along with biographies of its founders and prominent members.

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