Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Care Packages to Germany after WWII

Among the extensive materials in the Frank and Herta Gross family papers is documentation related to the 500-plus care packages Frank sent to relatives and friends in Germany after World War II.

The images here are from a Hapag-Lloyd's advertisement. Note the names given to some of the options, and also that "in view of the existing uncertainties, only parcels CARL, LAURA, MARIA and HANS are available for the Russian Zone (not for Berlin) via U.S. Parcel Post."

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David McCann said...

A marvelous collection by our neighbor in Bath Township, Ohio - Dr. Frank Gross - a marvelous human being!

David McCann said...

A marvelous collection by Dr. Frank Gross - our neighbor in Bath Townhip Ohio - truly a great man!